When it comes to culture it’s a very deep and sensitive topic in my opinion, we all can’t get 100% of how our culture affects us and how our beliefs are made mostly by our culture.

Even if we believe that there is no absolute right or wrong and we go accept all the differences with an open mind, we can’t help it, deep details were built inside us for things that are normal and things that are not normal, things we listen to and feel nothing and things that make us effected backward or forward.

After all the studies I have made, I reached one true fact: there is no 100% freedom from the culture we are raised however how open minded we are.

All that appears when we need to come close to someone from a different culture, then we feel that something is missing between us, something we can’t get, and we hide it inside us hoping that one day we can understand or one day we can make them understand.

When it comes to the Egyptian culture, I was born in, all my life I was trying to understand why and how they are doing what they are doing, feeling what they are feeling and acting the way they are acting.

After many years in this journey of trying to understand, I’m not saying that I can fit into this culture completely, but I’m pretty sure that no one else has thought and understood it that deep.

My role here is to help you understand the way Egyptians feel and think in order to let you find your own way into them if you are in a need for that.

I wish you all good in your cross culture relationships.