Read Arabic in 7 days

This book provides a new and unique approach to learning how to read and write using the Arabic alphabet, which has been
devised during the author’s many years of teaching Arabic. As well as being for complete beginners, it is also for people who
have struggled when trying to learn using more traditional academic methods.
The book creates characters out of the Arabic letters and uses stories and pictures to make them easier to understand and
remember. Characters are grouped together, based on shape.
Learners will be familiarised with some of the unique sounds of the Arabic alphabet.
The book is written in an informal style, and makes learning fun and easy. In this book you will find the help you need to go through the Arabic alphabet in an easy and interesting way.

My personal method doesn’t depend on the traditional academic way of teaching languages. Instead, my aim has been to provide you with only the essential, critical points related to learning each letter in a simplified, creative and hopefully fun way. For example, you will learn each letter not in the normal alphabetical order, but through groups which categorize letters based on similar appearances when written or read. I will talk you through the pronunciations and give you similar letters or words in the English language as a reference and to familiarize you with the unique sounds of some of the Arabic alphabet.
When learning Italian, German, Spanish or Russian I don’t remember that I used the order of the alphabet or the name of the letters to
actually use the language. The pronunciation and how to write each of the letters were the point, so let’s get to the point!
We obviously don’t want to spend time or effort for nothing.