best egyptian arabic dictionary

This dictionary is designed primarily to meet the needs of English speakers who need a point of reference for the Egyptian Arabic Language.
It’s built upon the consensus that many, if not all, of the dictionaries currently available in the market do not provide the most practical help in day-to-day use. This is sometimes because of the way the language is explained or because the words they list are not given in a form to enable the reader to use the grammar correctly.
So I built this dictionary based on the simple grammar system that I personally created for teaching the Arabic language which will be available soon in a separate book.
The dictionary includes approximately 3150 English words which have been carefully selected based on specific English speaking search engine results from the past 7 years, and also basic, every-day Egyptian Arabic words.
It is my aim to help guide you quickly and effectively through communicating in Egyptian Arabic so you are able to hold basic conversations and make requests when speaking with Egyptian nationals.

English - Arabic (transliterated)
Arabic - English (transliterated)

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