It is my pleasure to recommend Nour Balasa as a language teacher. I have personally had language training in the Egyptian Arabic Dialect and Modern Standard Arabic.

Nour sees your needs and goals as a student! He constantly works on giving whatever you need to get you where you want to be! Nour Balasa gets my BEST recommendations!


Nour adapts to your needs and provides you with interesting and fun materials.
He is passionate about teaching and very professional.
Lucky are his future students!

After many tries with many different schools and teachers, no comparison between Mr. Nour and any other teacher.
I’m provided online what I could’t get in person.


I have been to many Arabic countries, and after I tried many language schools I would thank Mr. Nour for being professional, patient and very creative.

Thank you!

Nour has been extremely patient and helpful in guiding our dialect change in order to help us sound like a local. we highly recommend him if you want to get an excellent grasp of colloquial Egyptian Arabic.