About Us

What is the meaning of nourbalasa.com?


Actually Nour Balasa is the first and last names of the idea founder of the website.

Nour Balasa mainly is an Arabic teacher for non-native speakers, An Egyptian Arabic grammar creator, An educational system builder and songs and articles writer.Secondarily an English teacher for Arabs.

In addition to many other skills which are gotten by self-efforts that gives the ability to work on:
Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Light room, Aftereffect, Website building, Mobile apps development, Music composing, FL studio music loops creator, Photography, Filming and more…..

The concept of the website came from the idea of collecting all of these abilities in one place for creating the most powerful educational website that has completely new ways of teaching for :
Adults and kids,
English or Arabic speakers.
In order to provide all of the visitors learn, fun, info, courses, articles and more…..

You can navigate throw the navigation bar using:

Books: To explore and be updated about the books of Nour Balasa for the Arabic language and find the options to check or buy the books and also to download the audio files that is related to the books that you bought.

AALC: The official web page of our online language center which you can find everything about and go through to our students comments, contact details, Facebook page, Google page and find our location.

Educational Videos: To have your lessons by videos for Egyptian Arabic language, English language for Arabs and English by songs which is created specially for kids in order to help them to move farther through the English language before they start to have it in the school.

Apps: To try our Apps that are very helpful for you as a visitor of nourbalasa.com who wants to get all benefits on mobile.