About Us



Actually Nour Balasa is the first and last names of the idea founder of the website.

Nour Balasa mainly is an Arabic teacher for non-native speakers, An Egyptian Arabic grammar creator, An educational system builder and songs and articles writer.Secondarily an English teacher for Arabs.

In addition to many other skills which are gotten by self-efforts that gives the ability to work on:
Photoshop, Adobe Premiere, Light room, Aftereffect, Website building, Mobile apps development, Music composing, FL studio music loops creator, Photography, Filming and more…..

The concept of the website came from the idea of collecting all of these abilities in one place for creating the most powerful educational website that has completely new ways of teaching for :
Adults and kids,
English or Arabic speakers.
In order to provide all of the visitors learn, fun, info, courses, articles and more…..

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