Adult Arabic Language Center (AALC)

An Arabic language center for adults who desire to learn Arabic in a new and exiting way. AALC provides lessons by experienced teachers through live sessions online via Skype, Messenger, Oovoo, Wire, Hellotalk and Tango. Because the educational system should be very flexible in order to help all of the different kinds of personalities and minds to reach their goals, AALC provides you the exact method you “personally” need after the first free trail lesson, taking into consideration the purpose you need the language for. You choose with the teacher one of the methods we have like normal words list and grammar explanation method or the new GPA method and more, in addition to the ability to create a new method if it’s needed. We consider your goal as our target.


I have been learning Arabic with different teaching methods and I can say that Nour' s method of teaching is far the best I had ! With Nour , forget about the academic way of learning Arabic. Nour adapts to your needs and provides you with interesting and fun materials . He is passionate about teaching and very professional. Lucky are his future students !




It is my pleasure to recommend AALC as a language centre and Nour Balasa as a language teacher. I have personally had language training in the Egyptian Arabic Dialect and Modern Standard Arabic. I am very glad with the result I have attained at AALC and would gladly recommend AALC’s method of teaching.




From one professional language teacher to another: Nour sees your needs and goals as a student! He constantly works on giving whatever you need to get you where you want to be! Nour Balasa gets my BEST recommendations!




After many tries with many different schools and teachers, no comparison between Mr. Nour and any other teacher.

AALC provided me online what i couldn't get in person.


Lessons requirements: 

1- A Smart phone and a computer (Both are connected to internet).

2- Mobile earplug (hands-free).

3- papers and a pen or pencil. 

4- Two hours free per lesson (For 10 & 20 packages).

(You can contact to schedule 

Lessons Packages